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Improvement - 1 Step at a time!

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

As golfers, let's face it, every single one of us would like to improve our game and shoot lower scores on the golf course!! That said, some golfers improve faster than others and in most cases many golfers simply remain at a standstill or even go backwards in an effort to make changes and improve. So what is the difference? Why do some people improve and some people don't?


This for me is always one of the biggest separators with students. Many come to lessons with a huge amount of initial motivation and even bigger expectations, however this can often create more problems than solutions. A prime example comes when players struggle to reach their expectations, their initial motivation tends to fade


The key to step one is to set realistic and achievable expectations from the outset. My recommendation is to put these goals down on paper and work through our goal setting sheet to help you create a clear pathway to achieve your desired goals. Ideally our 3 "Major Goals" will be difficult to achieve, however the smaller stepping stones & checkpoints will be achievable and regularly adapted to help you work towards your target goals.


This is certainly one of the most common missteps I see with most golfers, quite frankly we look around ourselves far too much!! We compare ourselves to friends, competitors and even sometime PGA Tour players! The issue with this is that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, meaning that ultimately every golfers recipe to success is completely unique to them.


The single best comparison you can make, is quite simply to yourself! Essentially the goal is not to be like another golfer, but instead to simply be a better version of yourself as a golfer. As part of this process we must first look at where we are now, and then choose the areas that would be the easiest, and most valuable to change going forward.