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Managing your expectations and staying in the present can be the most difficult part of competing at any level. “Expect and Accumulate” is designed to help you practice these two very skills and make good decisions.

You can play this game over 9 or 18 holes, and is best played against other people.

The goal of the game is to accumulate as many points as possible, and to do this you need to manage your expectations on each shot and not gamble too much at the wrong time.

Each hole offers 5 opportunities to score points:

· Hit the fairway from the tee

· Hit the green with your approach shot (Must be GIR)

· Up & Down

· 2 Putt from 20ft + with first putt (After GIR)

· Hole a Putt from Inside 10ft with first putt (Double Points – After GIR)