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On course session

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Today was a nice little practice session spent on the golf course, sometimes this can be the most valuable "Practice" time so I thought I would talk you through some of what I worked on out there:


15 mins of freedom - Full routine focusing on creating golf shots on the rang. The single most important aspect of this is to set out a clear intention for each shot!


6 holes - Scoring Regular Medal Play

6 Holes - Deliberate Miss Purposefully miss each green on the correct side to give yourself the best chance of an up/down. If you hit the green, add 1 shot to your final score on the hole.

6 Holes - Birdie Blitz Ultra aggressive, try and birdie as many holes as possible! (Ideally do this on the tougher six hole stretch on the course to make it most challenging)

Also for three tough driving holes (Where I find it visually tough) I used my speed monitor (used from speed sticks) to record how my swing speed was on the course trying to hit it as hard as possible, but in control! I was pleased to see I managed to keep it consistent at 119,118 and 119mph for all three, but did only manage 1/3 fairways hit. The two balls when I missed the fairway were still in play but It will be interesting to see if I can increase both speed and accuracy as the season progresses.

My results from today from my 18 holes were slightly different to what I had expected... On the scoring 6 holes I was very steady and posted 6 pars but had lots of opportunities to hole putts...

On the the birdie blitz... I went very aggressive, hitting driver whenever possible and actually only managed 1 birdie, but dropped two shots because I short sided myself on two occasions, going for pins that probably should of been avoided.

On the deliberate miss I managed to shoot two under, had three birdies in six holes. The birdies came from being in great position on Par 5s and then holed one from the fringe. Even though I did drop a shot from not getting up and down it was a great way to show that sometimes you can play smart and actually post a number.