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Performance Assessment provides us with a great a great baseline to begin with while also allowing us to constantly monitor any potential progressions and regressions that may take place.

These assessments can be completed on a regular basis as part of a practice session, or on a specific day or days each month to highlight the areas of you game that may need more work.

Thanks for submitting!


This is a simple game that  involves hitting a total of 18 putts from 3 different distances. You will hit the first 6 putts from between 6ft & 12ft. The second 6 putts will be taken from between 15ft and 25ft. The final 6 putts will be taken from 30ft or more. You must putt each ball until completion. Your score will be the number of putts it takes you to finish from all 18 positions



Hole out is a great measure to test your ability to.... HOLE OUT! To complete the game you must hole 10 x 8ft putts and 10 x 15ft Putts. Your score will be simply how many putts it takes you to complete both distances. Every putt should be taken from a different position. 



The Spieth test provides a great benchmark to test your short game execution. As part of this test you will play 3 x Green side chip shots, 4 x Distance pitch shots (25 yards - 50 yards) and 3 x Green side bunker shots. Your score will be counted based on your distance (In Feet) from the hole for each shot. If you miss the green you will get a score of 50ft for that hole. If you hole a shot you will remove 10ft from your score. 

PAR 18

Par 18 is a nine hole short game test where you must play each hole to completion. As part of this test we want to see 3 different shots (3 x Green side Chip shots, 3 x Distance Pitch Shots (25 - 50 yards) and 3 x Green side bunker shots. You should also vary the difficulty of each hole to include 3 x Easy Shots, 3 x average shots and 3 x Difficult Shots. Your score will be simply how many shots it takes you to complete all 9 holes. 



100 yard approach and 150 yard approach will make up two individual assessments which will ideally be conducted on the golf course. 

To complete the 100 yard assessment you must play 9 holes and hit 1 shot on each hole from approximately 100 yards to the front of the green. Points will be allocated for each shot based on its finishing position. The scoring system will be as follows:

Hole                                   10 Points

Inside 10ft                          5 Points

Inside 20ft                          3 Points

GIR Outside 20ft                1 Point

Miss GIR                             -1 Point

Miss GIR Short Sided       -3 Points

Miss GIR in Hazard           -10 Points

To complete the 150 yard approach assessment simply repeat the task using the same scoring system from 150 yards to the front of the green


Drive for Dough tests the limit of your diver in terms of both distance and direction. To complete this test you must play 10 holes on the golf course using the driver. On each hole you must start by choosing an exact target line to aim at. From there you must hot your drive towards that target, after which you will measure both your distance from the tee, and your distance to the side of your chosen target line. After you have completed your 10 drives work out the following:

1) Average distance of all 10 drives

2) Average distance to the side of your target line

3) Average driving distance minus Average side distance

Enter your score below in the format of:

Distance - Dispersion = Total


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